Friday, April 18, 2008

A Photo Essay of My New Digs

This is my kitchen. Notice the pretty wall color. I love it.

You can't see it from here, but the stove has two, that's two (2) large burners. I'm living large, folks.

This is how it worked before.

This is how it works now.

It's magic. I put dirty dishes in, turn a knob, wait a while, and clean dishes come out! It's magically terrific!

This is my luxurious dining area. I dine luxuriously here.

This is my spacious living room. I live spaciously here . Oh, does it look like I sleep here, too? Only until the bed I have on order arrives. Until then, the futon couch seems to be serving just fine.

I have quite a view.



My desk.

This is where all the magic happens. Right, except for the magic that happens in the kitchen!

This is my bedroom. No magic happens in here.


gl. said...

yay! it's good to see you unpacked!

Michael5000 said...

That's a big towel.

I made Niece #3 wave at your apartment from the MAX when we went to the zoo. She thought that was kind of strange, but she's always willing to play along.

Karin said...

gl: I'm getting there. Thanks again for your help with the other place. LIFESAVER, you!

M5K: Maybe she saw a squirrel in my tree.

Tereza said...

Yes, Karin Magic is some of the best in the world!

Hey, I enjoyed our Ikea excursion. Can't wait to see your place transform yet again with all the new additions!

Tereza said...

P.S. Do I see one of Lisa K-S's pillows in the bedroom shot?

Karin said...

Tereza: good eye. yes, indeed, that is a Lisa K-S pillow you see in my bedroom.