Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Friends Rock!

Let it be known that
I have The Best Friends Ever!

With one desperate heart-felt email in a time of need, four friends jumped to the ready to help me move into my new phat pad. Namely, our very own Michael5000, his lovely wife Mrs. 5000, Tereza and a college friend from waaaay back. Two other friends from my last place of employment helped out on another day.

It should be known that my email said, "I have just a few things to move right now--a couch, a dresser, a computer table and computer and some boxes."

Michael5000 and Mrs.5000 volunteered Chariot5000 for ease of moving large objects. Somehow, these "few things" turned into one truck and two cars filled with my stuff--TWICE. Thank GOD for elevators. I never knew I had so much stuff or that I was going to move so much of it that day.

Oh, my ever patient and strong-of-back friends. May you be blessed in every way you desire for your graciousness to me. I am nothing if not grateful.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I Live Here

This is my living/dining room/kitchen. Nice furniture. Wish it were mine.

This is my living/dining room. Did you notice the WINDOWS!!!! My place only has one wall of floor-to-ceiling wall-to-wall windows, but you know, I manage.

My brand new kitchen with dishwasher. : )

Pretty soon it may even work.

Here's my bedroom. Notice the tree. Nice tree. And the window. Nice window.

I'm on the fourth floor and I can people watch to my heart's content.

I can walk to everything fun and cool.

Or I can hang out at home and not hear my neighbor's every fart.

Gone are the days of Mothball Stroganoff and Listening Out, but I'm sure I'll have new tales to tell. Like how, already, I got trapped in the basement parking garage because the elevator wasn't working. Yeah, that was fun.

One day soon I'll take pictures of my place with my stuff in it. Stay tuned.