Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Listening Out

For someone who lives on side streets, it's pretty noisy around here. I'm at the intersection of two streets that are both a block away from big busy streets, so I guess that brings in a lot of vehicular and foot traffic. On top of that, my building is right up against the sidewalk. Any "yard" we might have is entirely in the back. I mean, if not for the screens, we could hang out the windows and deal drugs like I see people doing out of their cars just there on the corner. To make matters worse, or better, our apartment is exactly at the corner of the building. So as I sit at my desk, I have the distinct advantage of hearing all manner of conversation that I'm not meant to hear--most of it innocuous, some of it interesting. Here's a smattering from the past week or so. I'll add more as I Listen Out (the Window), which the uppity among you might call eavesdropping.

· "Shit. It ain’t no thing ‘til you mutha fuckas left. And then shiiit."

· "He's so cute." "
Yeah, I wish uh, he’d act is age though." (about a big puppy)

· "She’s been in my house every day."
"Yeah. Well. That doesn’t surprise me."

· "What was the first level, bro?" "
Yellow." "And what could you, what could you do with the yellow?"

· "You better wag yo little tail feather so I can tell where you mutha fucka at."

· "Oh and by the way, those Math people do not know the rule."


chuckdaddy2000 said...

What rule is it that Math people don't know? I am intrigued...

Karin said...

It does seem to contradict what we know to be true about Math people, that's true.

But you must let go of your inner Math Man, Chuck. You have moved on to the more creative pursuits of Language and History. Just let it go.

Michael5000 said...

Awesome. I love eavesdropping.

Creative writing challenge: write down another week's worth of overheard snippets. Then, use them all as dialogue in a short short story.

Regarding work: Shit. It weren’t no thing ‘til you muthafucka left. And then shiiit.

Karin said...

awww...thanks michael5000. that's so sweet.