Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Speed Scrabble Fast Write

I played Speed Scrabble with a friend tonight and then used the words I'd formed to create this li'l story.

Our bored queen won't plan her oval tomb at the appointed acre until she is cured of the sin with the goat and the ox. She cannot concentrate, what with the din of the people rioting about the taxes.

"Will she lower them?




Michael5000 said...

Most scholars today are sceptical about the veracity the "sin with the goat and the ox." They feel it was in all likelihood merely slanderous propaganda spread and written down by the Queen's political opponents. (McDuffart, Diversion and Divestation; the Bored Queen, Taxation, and Fiscal Policy, 1725 - 1745. Oxford University Press, 2003.

Karin said...

michael5000: you funny.

Tereza said...

I wanna play speed Scrabble with you. And presto!!!